What Accessories Do I Need For My Pizza Oven?

You will definitely need a pizza peel.  In Pizza aficionado language, a peel is what you use to put your pizza in the oven, turn the pizza while in the oven, and pull it out when it’s done.  They look like a paddle with a long stick attached and come in wood or metal.

Some people like to use a small handled wood peel to prepare and put the pizza in the oven.  Then, they use a long-handled aluminum peel to turn the pizza while it's cooking.  Next, you can use the long peel to take the pizza out of your pizza oven, placing the pizza back on a wood peel or serving tray to cut and serve it.

There are different kinds of pizza peels. Long, short, wood, metal and combination of both.  If you don’t have a shovel or brush for your pizza oven, you will need them also.

Here's a great article on the Top 5 Accessories For A Pizza Oven.

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