STAX Units VS. Traditional Combo Units

The Kiva and Fiesta units are solid, one-build combo units.  Meaning it is one solid piece from top to bottom. This is the way the combo units were originally designed and how they are intended to be purchased.

The Round Grove Products STAX Units offer the same experience and look of the Round Grove Fiesta and Kiva Fireplace and Pizza Oven Combo Units, but are built in "modular, stackable components" which allow easier accessibility to building sites and backyards where access might be a concern.
Example of Stackable Component Mezzo Stackable ComponentSTXMezzoSTXMezzo
They consist of 4 modular components:

  • The Chimney, available in both squared and hipped.
  • The Brick Oven
  • The Fireplace
  • The Hearth

These units are great for customers who have limited access to their building location. If you like the look of the Kiva and Fiesta units, but aren't sure how you are going to get the solid unit into place, these units arrive in the individual modular components and can be transported to the building site piece by piece. (They are still very heavy, and must be moved with some piece of equipment.) They must be stacked to finish the assembly of them and create your "combo unit."

They are still pre-form and operate the same as the Kiva and Fiesta models, however, they do not offer extensions like the Kiva and Fiesta models, and can not be customized like the Kiva and Fiesta models can be.

Round Grove does not recommend ordering these (in STAX form) unless you absolutely have to because of the assembly required and the price increase to purchase them.

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