How Is My Pizza Oven Delivered?

All of our pizza ovens are shipped with an LTL freight company.  The oven is shipped securely in a crate on a pallet and will be taken off the truck using a pallet jack.  The driver will move your order around with a pallet jack and put it in your driveway or as close as they can to your garage.  The standard Freight shipping delivery method is typically called “curbside delivery”.   Curb-side delivery is the method used on all our freight shipments unless other arrangements are made.

The delivery company should give you a call a day or two ahead of time to schedule and confirm the delivery timeframe.

Your delivery will be made with a full-size Semi-Truck ranging from 20 to 53 feet in length. The truck WILL NOT be a box truck like a UPS or FedEx truck.  We cannot request a certain length of a truck for final delivery, so please assume it will be a long truck.  The driver is only obligated to deliver curbside at the end of your driveway so it will be your responsibility to move it from there.

We have found that most drivers will deliver up your driveway when possible but it is up to them to decide.  That being said, sometimes the drivers will help but they are not obligated to help in any way once the freight is off the truck.

If you're concerned about moving a heavy pizza oven into place, read our blog post on Moving A Brick Oven next.

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