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Authentic Pizza Ovens - Limited Warranty


Authentic Pizza Ovens is an importer of exceptional quality Traditional and Modern wood fired ovens and warrants its ovens to be free from major defects in materials and craftsmanship on the structural components for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase. This warranty may be invalid if the oven or any part is not correctly installed, cured, operated, and maintained according to all specified instructions at purchase.


The warranty above is not applicable under the following circumstances:

(1) The Oven was not installed in accordance with Authentic Pizza Ovens installation guide and your local building codes.

(2) This Warranty does not apply to any cracking caused by over-firing or the failure to follow a proper curing schedule.  See care information for a detailed explanation of this curing schedule. All authentic ovens will crack, it is physics.

(3) The Oven has been subjected to non-standard use, including but not limited to, throwing firewood into the oven with force, addition of non-approved appliances or burners, burning fuels with abnormal burning characteristics, including: driftwood, coal, plywood, and wood products using a binder that may burn at excessive temperatures, causing damage to the Oven. The oven should not be over stuffed with wood. We are able to discern with photographs if the oven has been over heated. Our ovens are to cook food in and are not incinerators.

(4) The Oven has been subjected to or the use of improper chemicals or liquids that have been used to clean or sanitize the interior of the oven.

(5) This Warranty does not cover damage to the dome caused by storing any materials on the top of the oven.

(6) This Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of the Oven, or on parts that would be worn or replaced under normal conditions, including the following:

  • Normal cracking due to expansion and contraction stress relief in the refractory materials of either the dome or floor tiles. This can happen on the dome, inside as well as around the facade.
  • Tiles may chip, crack, and/or become discolored.  This is normal wear and tear.
  • Discoloration of exterior finishes in areas repeatedly exposed to smoke, as this is considered normal wear and character on your wood fired pizza oven.

(7) This Warranty does not apply to ovens that have NOT been covered.  Ovens need to be protected from wet weather. Protect from rain and snow. It is very clear to see if an oven has not been covered.

(8) This Warranty does not apply to any rust that may develop on the door and/or chimney. We recommend with all steel door and chimney ovens that you apply a clear coat of A Rustoleum like rust protector and cover when not in use. Our aluminum door ovens will not rust.

(9) This Warranty does not cover damage to, or failure of the oven, resulting from natural or other catastrophes, such as flood, fire, wind, or severe storms.


It is specifically agreed and understood that Authentic Pizza Ovens sole obligation, and Purchaser’s exclusive remedy under this Warranty, and under any other Warranty, expressed or implied otherwise, shall be limited to replacement, repair, or refund up to the original purchase price of the oven, excluding shipping costs, as specified above. Such liability shall not include, and Purchaser or other third parties, specifically renounces any rights to recover special, incidental, consequential, or other damages of any kind whatsoever, including, but not limited to, injuries to persons or damage to property, loss of profits or anticipated profits, damage to business reputation or goodwill, all costs incurred receiving, unloading, moving at your location, and installing Authentic Pizza Ovens, or loss of use of the Oven.

In no event shall Authentic Pizza Ovens be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages caused by defects in its Ovens, whether such damage occurs, or is discovered before or after replacement or repair, and whether or not such damage is caused by Authentic Pizza Ovens. The duration of any Warranty with respect to the Oven is limited to legitimate claims received within the duration of the foregoing Warranty.


Authentic Pizza Ovens reserves the right to investigate any and all claims against this Warranty and to decide upon method of settlement.

Before any Oven is returned, Authentic Pizza Ovens, or its authorized representative, must provide Purchaser with written return authorization and instructions for preparation of the shipment. Failure to properly package the Oven for return may result in Purchaser being billed by Authentic Pizza Ovens. Authentic Pizza Ovens reserves the right to bill Purchaser for return freight if Oven was found to be damaged through negligence or Warranty was voided, as outlined in this Warranty.


Authentic Pizza Ovens employees and/or dealers have no authority to make any Warranties, nor to authorize any remedies in addition to, or inconsistent with, those stated above.

In order for any claim under this Warranty to be valid, Authentic Pizza Ovens must be notified of the claimed by email:  Should you have any questions you may contact Authentic Pizza Ovens at 602-482-1000

All claims against this Warranty should include the Oven model, original invoice number, date of purchase, a description of the issue, photographs of the area of concern, and a full description of the circumstances giving rise to the Warranty Claim, if known. It will be very clear with this information for our oven works facility to determine the damages in question.

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