How Much Cooking Time Do You Have Per Tank, Can You Bake Bread And Other Baked Items?

Yes, you can bake bread and cook lots of things in the Pacific Living Gas Pizza Oven - just set the temperature to the appropriate degrees. Regarding how much cooking time you'll have per propane tank, a 20lb tank contains 430,000 BTUs when full. The Pacific Living outdoor gas oven has a 16,000 BTU burner. so if you used the oven on the highest setting, using 16,000 BTU divided by 16,000 = the tank should last for 26 plus hours of cooking. Of course, that using it on the highest setting which you most likely won't do unless you are cooking at temperatures higher than 400 degrees at all times. If cooking pizzas, the cooking stone inside the outdoor oven, where you place your food, reaches temperatures up to 700 when you have the pizza oven set to the highest temperatures.

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