Chipped Side Tray of the Maximus Oven Stand


This is an example of what appears to be the effects of weather-related damage to the Maximus Pizza Oven Stand.

Some indicators of weather-related issues are:

(1) The top coat of the wood on one side is significantly warped and stripped from the base of the wood. In most all cases, this is due to exposure to wet weather elements and inclement weather over time. There is also an indication that the stand has been exposed to weather elements from the water dripping beneath the wood side and also, there are dried leaves in the cracks of the side tray;

(2) The discoloration of the wooden handle of the door is a result of wet weather elements and, overall, usage of the oven over time. The thermometer is rusted which also indicates that it has been exposed to inclement weather conditions as well;

(3) The stand is rusted in the vicinity beneath the oven and the other wood tray side shows indicators of exposure to wet weather along with the rusted areas of the stand between the side and the oven itself and the wood side.

How to Repair:

This can be easily repaired. The customer can simply sand down the wood and coat them with a wood stain or paint that is adequate in withstanding the outside weather elements over time.

We strongly recommend putting a secure cover over the oven to ensure its protection for longevity.

You can also order a custom cover that will fully cover both the oven and the stand entirely. We do have an affiliate that will take your measurements and images to make a cover for you. You can check out Covers and All for the options.

Always remember that even though the oven and the stand are made for the outdoors, it is still very important to keep your outdoor appliance covered all year round especially when not in use to protect it from the sun, rain, and other harsh weather. It is also best to keep it stored under a roofed area for extra protection.

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