Chipped Pizza Oven Base. How To Fix It?

The base of the oven may appear to have some chips when you first receive it but do not worry because it is perfectly normal. It is not damaged. The base is designed to protect the oven itself especially while in transit. The chips can easily be painted using the Ultrafire Repair Kit once the oven has been placed in position and it will look good as new!

Delfosse P3918.png

Signore P3953.png

In the below instance, when the oven was delivered, the chips are very visible since the base is painted a different color. This damage is still very minuscule and solely cosmetic and can be easily repaired.

You can purchase a pre-made tile grout to fix these areas. For quick reference, you can use the Custom, Alabaster PMG333QT 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout that you can simply purchase off Amazon. This grout is great for smaller chipped areas and should do the trick!

Pritchett P3728.png

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