Fire One Up

  • Can I Take The PRIMO Off The Base?

    While the unit is shipped with the base, which needs to be assembled, it can be installed on a surface that is both physically strong enough and designed to support the oven. Take into account, the unit comes complete with an ash drawer that is positioned and accessed from the rear. This ash draw...
  • Can I Use Charcoal or Wood Charcoal in the PREMIO Oven?

    The Premio does have a reinforced floor but we do not recommend temperatures exceeding 1000F. If the plan is to use charcoal, it would be best if it is started outside of the oven. When adding into the oven the use of the Fire Separator would be highly recommended.
  • Difference between the Pinnacolo PRIMO and PREMIO

    The 1 key difference between these two models is that the PREMIO does NOT have the grate and the ashtray. The Cordierite Stones will cover the full interior surface of the oven providing for a larger cooking area. (Photo on the left is the Pinnacolo PRIMO, while on the right is the Pinnacolo PR...
  • How Hot Does The Outside Of The Dome Get When Cooking?

    The exterior of the unit does get fairly hot to the touch. We suggest you avoid contact with the outside of the unit when cooking. It should be noted that, if left uncovered and in direct sunlight, the stainless steel exterior of the unit could potentially become very hot without being used. Alwa...
  • Is The Chimney Detachable?

    The chimney is fixed, meaning you will have to secure it using 8 bolts when assembling your oven. There are 4 inner and 4 outer bolts holding the chimney securely in place.
  • Pinnacolo Cordierite Stone

    The cordierite stone is known for its ability to hold extremely high temperatures well. This is the type of baking stone or brick floor tile used for all the Fire One Up's Pinnacolo Pizza Oven models. These stones remain intact for years. These were tested and tried without any damage to the ston...
  • What Are The Dimensions Of This Oven?

    The oven countertop is 32"W x 28.75"D x 24"H. The chimney is about 24" long and the legs/stand is about 30".