Difference between the Pinnacolo PRIMO and PREMIO

The 1 key difference between these two models is that the PREMIO does NOT have the grate and the ashtray. The Cordierite Stones will cover the full interior surface of the oven providing for a larger cooking area.

PREMIO v PRIMO Comparison.jpg
(Photo on the left is the Pinnacolo PRIMO, while on the right is the Pinnacolo PREMIO.)

We found most consumers did not find benefit from the grate and ashtray and preferred a larger cooking area. This change can be seen when looking at the interior photo of the oven. Also, the addition of a hook at the top of the opening of the oven door to better secure the door in place.

The next thing to note is the position of the thermometer: to the left-hand side of the oven is where the PRIMO's thermometer is located, while to the right is where there thermometer for the PREMIO is located.


We've also added an additional forward-facing cross member as part of the base to add extra strength to the cart of the PREMIO. Also, we have changed the casters to ALL be swivel and locking making movement and positioning far easier.

Furthermore, you get more bundle accessories for the Pinnacolo PREMIO.

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