Are All Pizza Ovens UL-Listed For Indoor Use?

Not all pizza ovens are certified for indoor use.  To be certified, the oven must go through an expensive certification process.  This process includes testing the oven to determine it's clearance requirements, maximum temperatures, etc.    Then, the certification is given with this list of requirements the customer must adhere to when installing or using the oven.

There are certifications for both commercial and residential use.  So, whether an oven is certified for either depends on whether the pizza oven company actually went through the certification process.  They could have the exact same oven that goes through the commercial certification process and becomes UL-listed for indoor commercial use while the exact same oven is not UL-listed for indoor residential use because it did not go through the certification process.

Many times this is due to the cost of certifying so companies decide not to get an oven certified because it isn't worth the cost.  For example, if they don't think an oven will be used indoors by many residential customers, they don't get the oven certified for indoor use.

Therefore, you must confirm if you need a certification for your installation.  If so, make sure the pizza oven you purchase is certified for the type of installation you will be doing.

Here's a great blog post on indoor oven considerations:

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