Can I Vent My New Pizza Oven Under An Awning or Gazebo?

Yes! It is possible to vent your new pizza oven under an awning or other outdoor structure. However, with that said, it should be noted that because wood burning pizza ovens generate a lot of smoke which you do not want in your face or those of your family and/or guests, additional precautions should be taken in order to vent your new pizza oven properly. Not only for the reason mentioned previously, but also because proper venting, regardless of where the pizza oven is placed also allows your oven to perform as excellently as it was designed to.

Venting under an awning or other structure would require that precautions be taken; precautions similar to those you would follow when venting an indoor oven. For example, in addition to looking into your local zoning ordinances, you’d want to make sure there’s adequate clearance away from all combustible materials and if venting through the structure, you’d need to use double or triple walled chimney pipe.

In fact, we have been asked this question often and have written an article which you may find helpful!  You may find it here :

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